Smart homes – Part I: Audio systems

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Sunday mornings are the best time of the week for the Empire Homes household.

The delicious smell of pancakes frying in the kitchen can be smelt as you walk down the stairs. The morning sun pours in through the living and kitchen windows, bouncing off the lightly glossed timber floors. The kids are giggling and running around our feet while we’re moving between the coffee machine and stove.

With nowhere to be, except right in that moment, we sit together at the table enjoying our breakfast and each other.And there’s always music.

We are family that is big on music. Our Sunday mornings are not complete without bopping and singing along in the kitchen and exposing our kids to 90s alternative rock classics (and some 80/90s pop if I’m lucky).

When building our home, we knew that with music being a big part in our lives, we had to put in a smart audio system. We didn’t want any awkward or bulky speakers, or have to move a speaker around with us wherever we went. We wanted high quality music in all zones of the house, but it had to be from a barely noticeable speaker in the ceiling. And it had to be easy. We are not particularly tech-savvy, so it had to be a simple device app. The system we have is called Creston – I’m sure there’s plenty of other fully-integrated multiroom audio distribution and control systems available. Our electrician went through the basics with us, set it up on our devices and it was up and running – it really was that simple.

The audio system set up, which thankfully, we never have to touch.

The iTunes app, Creston Pyng works with all audio apps on your device- your favourite music streaming app, YouTube or even sync it to your Smart TV and have surround sound while watching Netflix.

Audio is just the beginning, the purpose of a smart home is not just to make life more enjoyable – but more secure, energy efficient and comfortable. We will cover smart security systems in an upcoming post.

If you’re planning on building a new house, or renovating your existing home, and you love music- talk to your builder about having an electrician install a fully-integrated professional audio system. You won’t regret it, we use it almost every day.

Now… is it Sunday yet?

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