Renovating to sell – is it really worth it?

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If you’re considering selling your home in a few years, or even sooner, we’ve got some advice below on some fast and cost-effective improvements that can be made to increase the interest in your home and then sell for the price it deserves! We wouldn’t recommended doing the entire home, as you want to be careful not to ‘overcapitalise’, but focus on a couple of areas. This way, you’ll have more interest from potential buyers, creating more competition and hopefully better offers!


First and foremost –

kitchens. sell. homes

You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true. I’m not sure about you, but my family and I spend a good portion of our time in the kitchen. It’s the hub of the home – food and drink brings us together and allows for family bonding time. Often the best conversations are had whilst we’re in the kitchen! So of course the space needs to be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

Better yet, it’s the most cost effective space to improve- a few small updates will make a huge difference to the interest in your home- and hopefully the selling price.

Stained grout and chipped tiled splashbacks are unsightly. It does not cost much at all to re-tile a splashback, or for a little more money and wow-factor, you could have heat-resistant glass installed.

Good quality appliances can be found for great prices – replacing a sad, old oven with a new one, plus a cook top and matching range hood would make a world of difference – to the house, not your wallet.

But if you really want to up the ante, you could have the 30-year-old kitchen cabinetry and bench tops replaced with a complete new package. For a new basic kitchen, you would be surprised at how little you need to spend to have a whole new look.


Bathrooms come in at close second when it comes to buyers interest in your home.

As with the kitchen – dirty grout and old tiles are not going to excite potential buyers. New white tiles and grout laid by a professional tiler will change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. If you’re removing old tiles, it is highly recommended to have the wet area inspected by a certified waterproofing professional. The waterproofer will check the wet area membrane is sound and there are no leaks, if there is, they can fix the problems. Potential buyers want to know that the home is structurally sound and there are no leaks – proving the waterproofing of wet areas will be a big plus for you as a seller.

Open it up!

If you have an older style home, chances are there are a lot of walls to separate areas of the house. This was great for privacy and heating and cooling separate areas. However as we have become busier and have less time together, open plan homes have the benefit of encouraging more family time. The biggest benefit is the space feels larger- and less walls equals more light into the space.
Professional builders will inspect the structure to ensure the wall being removed isn’t a bearing for the ceiling (there may be more involved if it is). It involves removing the wall and then patching the remaining walls and – the end result will look like the wall was never there!

Outside the home is just as important

Outdoor areas are an integral part of Australian homes. When inspecting a house, buyers consider the entire block – including that very important outdoor living space. Outdoor areas that are drab and unwelcoming are not going to attract the highest bidders.
If your home is targeted to families – the outdoor space should have a play area for the kids and an area for the adults to entertain or relax. A beautiful alfresco area with a timber deck to host BBQ’s with family and friends will be a great investment and selling feature of your home. Ensure that any decking installed is done so by a professional who is aware of legal standards of building structures – any unsafe and therefore illegal structures will be identified in the building report that is provided to potential buyers.

Keep it simple

Just remember to keep it neutral- a home that’s able to be a ‘blank canvas’ , but while still having ‘character’ will attract more interest. Home buyers want to be able to make their own mark on the house, which is a lot easier to visualise when the walls, flooring are simple and colour-neutral.

But be warned – you may not want to leave your home once you make these improvements!

Have you renovated to sell? Do you think it was worth it?

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