Building a new home in Canberra – the best city in the world!

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According to ‘Quality of Life Index’, Canberra is still sitting at the number one city- in the world!

That’s right, our modest city sits above places like Melbourne, Wellington (NZ), Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany)! It looks at things like purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price to income, traffic commute, pollution and climate. But, we already knew that. It’s a great city.  Being voted as the most liveable city in the world…. Why wouldn’t you want to build your own home in beautiful Canberra? We’ve come up with some more reasons to love Canberra even more.

No matter where you build, you’re close to nature

A knock down rebuild in Fadden or Higgins, a new home in Throsby or Denman Prospect- you are guaranteed to have nature reserves, parks and bike trails right nearby.

It’s cheaper than Sydney and Melbourne

According the to Real Estate Institute of Australia, in 2016 median house prices for Canberra was $593,000. Sydney was $1,025,478 and Melbourne $718,000.

We also spend a lot less time and money commuting to work (and will only get better once the light rail is up and running!).


Even in winter, Canberra always turns on the sunny skies. To make the most of the sun, your home can be built with skylights and solar panels to really make the most of the sunny days.

High-quality local builder

Canberrans are lucky to have highly talented and skilled tradespeople in their city. High standards, quality materials and respect for the surroundings is what the people of Canberra deserve. Look for a company where you have access to and can easily speak to the builder who is constructing your home and managing the project each day. What is their quality like? Fast and cheap is exactly that.

Word of mouth

Essentially, we have the advantage of living in a big city, but with the relaxed community feel. Canberra may be a big city, however it’s small enough that you will know someone who knows a great custom builder.

If you or someone you know has worked with Empire Homes, recommend us! Word of mouth is so powerful in Canberra.

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